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Lovely feedback from a student in my Beginning Acting Class this past Fall 2020 which was completely online.

California Lutheran University
“Thanks Professor for a wonderful semester. Really wish I had you in person, but appreciated your class more than you know.
Honestly your class was one of my favorites ever, really got me out of my comfort zone. Thank you!
Have a great and safe Thanksgiving!”


Had a wonderful time teaming with fantastic COLLEGE COUNSELORS who help get high school students into Colleges of their choice.

Was a panelist with @Evelyn Alexander from #Magellan and spoke about the strategies and systems to get a student into the best #TheatreTrainingPrograms across the country and the world. #GettingIntoCollege #TheatreSchool #BFA #BA


Feedback from my Dance for Musical Theatre Class that has been focusing on Tap Routines:

“I had never tapped before until this class, and I learned a lot. I can genuinely say this class gave me the confidence to go and try new styles of dance without being so scared of my lack of knowledge and ability.”


Check out this lovely article about me and the Creative Combustion Acting Studio in Better Lemons by Don Grigware

For Acting Coach Joshua Finkel, Creativity Goes On…


Use this time of Shelter in Place to build new monologues and songs and audition material. Read a play a week, or listen to a new show online or while you’re taking your outside time. A great chance to concentrate on your career and then coach it up online using Skype, Zoom or Google Duo!

Also some fun success stories!


I’m so thrilled for College Audition Client Sonia Halle, who has been accepted into 6 amazing schools and is waiting word for a few more. She is now onto working on another play before prepping to launch her career in a wonderful Performing Arts Program in the Fall.

I’ll keep you posted on which one she ultimately decides on and will hit up my clients who are there in those programs to help orient Sonia as she makes this exciting transition!





Brava to client Talya Sindel, who built and booked the lead role of Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. After she coached the audition and the callback and booked the role.


We took a couple of sessions and went through the entire piece dramaturgically from both an Actor/Director point of view. Invaluable work to understand HOW to play the part and discover HOW you fit in to the greater picture of the piece.


Even though Hunchback is temporarily postponed (like everything else) we will continue to build the role.

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