Cold Reading Master Classes

"I wanted to thank you a million times for the amazing work we did in preparation for my audition. You helped me to form a very real character that makes real and specific choices. The casting director absolutely loved the choices that I made with fleshing out this real and believable woman.The results are in the words: "We'd like to call you back to our final callbacks."

"Joshua Finkel's Cold Reading Workshop is a MUST for any aspiring and even professional actors out there auditioning. Whether you are auditioning for a musical, drama, TV show, sit-com, this technique is amazing. Joshua's class This technique WILL GIVE YOU THE EDGE OVER YOUR COMPETITION. Even if you've taken a million acting classes, the Cold Reading Technique will greatly enhance your auditioning skills. Joshua is a great teacher, and his class is very well structured and developed. He will take you through all the steps you need to use at your audition in order to nail your cold reading. From the beginning level through to the more advanced class I saw a vast improvement in everyone's "audition" and their ability to lift the words off of the page and bring the scene and the character to life. I cannot recommend this class enough to all especially if you are serious about your career and making it as an actor."

"Your COLD READING WORKSHOP was amazing! I already feel 20 times more confident in cold readings now! By the way, I'm reviewing the tape from our last coaching session, and I can't believe how much info there's on it. What a wealth of helpful information. Even if I integrate 1/2 of it, my performance will be 20 times better!"