Phone Coaching

Have you ever had a last minute audition or callback for Film, Television, Theater, or Musical Theater?
Have you worried about a public speech or presentation coming up?
Are you limited on time and hate to deal with traffic?

Get everything you need for thorough preparation of the audition scene, monologue, song or public presentation:

  • The character's emotional background and journey in the piece.
  • The blocking
  • Focus points for presentation
  • Dialect work
  • Connecting to the character's intended vocal texture
  • Marking the text for an effective cold reading audition or public speech
  • Perfect for the first exploration of a new piece or upcoming auditions, public speeches, sudden callbacks, or quick brush-ups just before going in.


Joshua Finkel of the Hollywood, California based Creative Combustion Acting Studio will arrange a phone coaching session that delivers what you need and when you need it!

Using the "Quick Coach Calling Card"

  • You can instantly purchase minutes of acting coaching online
  • Together we can arrange a phone session that accomplishes your goal
  • All without leaving your home or workplace.
  • Free" Video Telecoaching" available via Skype. Download Skype for FREE here.

You can use your calling card for one session or multiple sessions.

Refill your "Quick Coach Calling Card" with additional minutes at any time.

Here's how it works:

  • Choose a rate plan from below.
  • Contact Joshua Finkel via email Joshua's Email  or phone (818) 824-8284
  • Arrange payment option and set up a coaching appointment time.
  • Upon receiving your payment, you will receive an email confirmation containing your appointment time, Joshua's fax number, Joshua's number for the coaching appointment.
  • Fax or email Joshua the material you want to work on. (315) 222-1727
  • Call or SKYPE Joshua at the time of your coaching. Joshua's Skype address is joshuafinkel
  • At the end of your session, minutes used will be deducted from your "Quick Coach Calling Card."

*Monthly statements will be emailed to you so you can also keep track of your account.

  • Phone coaching held on Joshua's phone line with no video (no cost for the call)
  • Phone coaching available also with video conferencing via Skype (no cost for the call)
  • No cost to client.
  • Computer video camera needed.
  • Also need to User ID on a Skype account. Skype.
  • Use as many minutes as you need from your pre-purchased package.
  • Remaining minutes will be held on your account for a year from purchase date and used for further coachings.
  • You can add minutes to your account at any time and refill your Quick Coach Calling Card.

Rates as low as $1.15/minute! The more you buy, the cheaper it is per minute!

20 Minutes

$1.25 minute


40 Minutes

$1.25 minute


1 hour

$1.25 minute


2 hours

$1.20 minute


3 hours

$1.15 minute


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Phone Coaching

What kinds of things can you coach?
I can coach any kind of Contemporary or Classical audition be it for Film, Television, Theater, or Musical Theater. If you are doing a song, please also have the accompaniment available on a tape or cd for you to sing to.

Do you also coach Dialects?
Yes I do, and can help you mark your script for the proper pronunciation and vowel changes.

Can you coach more than one person at a time?
Yes. As long as you can both be on an extension or with a speaker phone so you can BOTH hear me at the same time.

We can also do a multi-screen Skype conference call between your computers and mine.

Can you really coach me on Skype and also without seeing me if I do not have Skype?
Yes. All the emotional content, the understanding and creating the structure of the piece including the phrasing, the blocking, and the "moment to moment beats" are all possible on the phone. Click here to read Students' Phone Coaching Feedback. In addition, I have a video hookup, so in the future we CAN see each other as well!

What will I need for my coaching session?

I recommend:

1. a phone that contains a speaker phone, but not crucial in case you do not have Skype.

2. a computer camera for cost free "video telecoaching" via Skype.

3. a recorder, so you can record both ends of the conversation for future reference and study.
4. a pencil and highlighter for notes.

How about using my body in the session?
Hands free video telecoaching via Skype.

If on the phone only, It is also a great idea to have an inexpensive headset (costs @$10.00) to wear so that you can be free to express in whatever way you need to and have the auditory clarity that sometimes a speakerphone cannot provide. It also works well if you do not have a speakerphone.

Will you coach any age?
Absolutely. My students range in age from Elementary School to Retirement, and in all different levels of expertise and experience from beginners to professionals.

Will my minutes ever expire?
Yes. 1 year from Purchase.

How will I know how many minutes I have left?
I mention your remaining minutes in every coaching confirmation letter.

If I pay by check may I get coached immediately?
No. First, your check must be received in the mail, HOWEVER, you MAY pay by debit/credit card using PAYPAL and get coached immediately!

What if I am under 18 and do not have a credit card?
You must obtain your PARENTS' permission for the coaching and they must provide payment billed by PAYPAL to THEIR email address.

Is it easy to sign up for PAYPAL if I am not a member?
Yes. it is easy, secure, and free to join. Click Icon to enroll.

Do you also coach in person?
Yes! I live in the Los Angeles Area and have a studio here. I also travel internationally to do Master Classes.